About Us

What we do

Our team creates simple and intuitive tools to encourage collaboration and community building. With every project and decision we like to follow three basic tenets.


01. Simplify

Keep asking questions to strip down the problem to its core and then take a direct route to the solution.


02. Engage

Keep the user as the focus and create an experience that not only solves a need but also brings delight.

03. Innovate

Keep pushing. Utilize technology to learn from past behavior and anticipate user's needs.

Signal Kit Team


Brady Simmons

CEO, Operations

Brady played a critical role in getting Signal Kit off the ground and has shored up investments to allow continued momentum. Behind the scenes he scouts additional sales opportunities and helps balance the books. Outside of the office you can find Brady at car shows or relaxing with family.


Matt Miquelon

Chief Product Officer

Matt is a veteran interactive producer with over 18 years of deep experience developing successful SaaS products, disrupting the marketplace and passionately leading product teams. His passion extends outside the workplace to anything involving family, exotic travel, photography, cooking, music or craft beer.


Tom Zagorski

Chief Technical Officer

Tom brings over 16 years of experience in developing and maintaining web and enterprise-level software solutions for the healthcare and education markets. When he’s not thinking about where to put a 1 or a 0, he enjoys playing and watching soccer, perfecting his pilot voice in a Cessna 172 and brewing beer.


Bill Frenzel

Chief Strategy Officer

Bill brings K12 leadership roles from start ups to global market leaders – including Edline, Blackboard, and Schoology. He has experience in a number of roles, including sales leadership, product development, and client retention. Bill enjoys spending weekends at the river and hanging out with close friends and family.


Mandy Fouts

Director of Training & Implementation

Mandy joined us after spending a decade in education and leadership, followed by four years in the corporate world. Signal Kit is the perfect fit for those two worlds to collide! Outside of supporting the Signal Kit community, you’ll find Mandy connecting with friends and family, shopping or traveling to new destinations.


Steve Ackerman

Director of Client Success

Steve handles all client data integration at Signal Kit, ensuring a smooth transition onto our framework. He has a long and successful track record of managing data for large government entities and school districts. In his free time you’ll find Steve in the great outdoors.


David Stein

Telecom Engineer

David is the resident telephony expert. He’s been writing telecom software for close to 30 years. With a focus in the education space, David helped build out Teleparent and later worked on the Blackboard Connect team. When not behind a screen you'll find him in his woodworking shop.

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